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About us

In developing our polyurethane systems, we use the extensive expertise and in-depth know-how of the entire PCC Group. PolyU GmbH thus affords its customers unique access to the capacities and capabilities inherent in our group of companies. At our central Polish chemical production sites in Brzeg Dolny and Kędzierzyn-Koźle, we have accumulated decades of experience in the development and production of polyols and their use in numerous polyurethane applications – from the automotive, mattress and furniture industries to an extensive range of uses in the construction industry. For its part, our German sister company PCC Prodex GmbH has significant expertise in polyurethane formulations for a wide spectrum of applications. Our customers therefore enjoy twofold benefits from the network that exists within the PCC Group, for our polyols come both as innovative raw materials and as individual formulations suited to almost every conceivable polyurethane application.

PolyU GmbH provides the all-important link between our customers and the Group‘s production sites. Since we also have our own laboratory capacities at our Oberhausen location, we can not only satisfy specific customer requirements, but also develop our own concepts and solutions for new applications based on our general market knowledge and current trends. As part of the PCC Group, PolyU GmbH can draw on the resources of the entire group of companies, enabling us to serve our customers in every respect as single-source provider.